Paradise is closer than you think
And now it offers a superb overseas property investment opportunity.


Lying 500km off the west African coast, yet only 5½ hours’ direct flight from the UK and just one hour behind GMT, Cape Verde brings you summer every day of the year, with no jet lag.


of another world

An hour or so south of the Canary Islands, you land in a different world. Cape Verde has a similar latitude to far-away Barbados, but none of its hurricanes. It has perfect weather, immaculate sandy beaches, a rich history, vibrant culture and exquisite natural beauty.


an ideal location

Estrela Santiago is superbly located for an investment property. It is on the sheltered south coast of Santiago, Cape Verde’s largest island, within easy reach of the capital, Praia, and just twenty minutes from the new international airport. Direct flights from the UK and many European cities to Cape Verde have already started and are set to increase in the near future.




Resort News

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Hotel Tarrafal Joins the main resort

Estrela Santiago officially launched »
Estrela Santiago was officially launched at a reception in Praia, Cape Verde.

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This morning we left footprints in the London snow. By sunset our shadows fell on golden sand.