As Charles Darwin said on his arrival on Santiago in 1832, "Here I saw the glory of tropical vegetation: Tamarinds, Bananas and Palms were flourishing at my feet ... It has been for me a glorious day, like giving to a blind man eyes, he is overwhelmed with what he sees and cannot justly comprehend it."

Today, visitors are equally seduced by the beauty of the island’s interior, filled with spectacular craggy mountains, river valleys and plantations, and perfect for rewarding walks from the island’s spine down to the coast. The archipelago is also home to an abundance of birdlife, including many species that exist nowhere else in the world. The most prized local species include the raso lark and the magnificent frigatebird.

There are several species of bat and a number of green monkeys on Santiago; and the tropical waters are the perfect habitat for flamboyant creatures such as green turtles, yellow-fin tuna, moray eels, marlin, dolphins and groupers. At certain times of the year you can even see whales further out to sea.


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