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Cape Verde is an arrow-shaped archipelago of ten islands, five islets and numerous rocks in the eastern Atlantic. More »



The islands began their slow formation some fifteen million years ago. More »


Palm tree with blue sky

Cape Verde is blessed with year-round sunshine – usually seven to ten hours a day – and low rainfall. More »

Political Stability

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Cape Verde gained independence in 1974 and has been a stable democracy since its first multiparty elections in 1991. More »


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Cape Verde is heaven for fish lovers. Enjoy superb grilled lobster, tuna, octopus and swordfish. More »


Whale tail lifted from water

As Charles Darwin said on his arrival on Santiago in 1832, “Here I saw the glory of tropical vegetation..."More »



Cape Verde has been a Christian country since it was first settled, and today 95% of the population claim to be Catholic. More »

Getting there

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New flight schedules mean Cape Verde is only 5½ hours’ direct flight from the UK. More »

Island News

Hillary Clinton visits Cape Verde
US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton saw Cape Verde as a good example to other African Countries
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