Bank of Cape Verde forecasts growth of 5%

The Bank of Cape Verde believes that the Cape Verdean economy could grow by between 4.7% and 5.7% this year, with inflation expected to remain below 2%, far below the 8% registered last year. In the foreign sector, the Bank of Cape Verde registered an “accentuated aggravation of the current accounts deficit,” as a result of the reduction of the influx of foreign capital, particularly of direct foreign investment.

The governor of the Bank of Cape Verde, Carlos Burgo, believes that the Cape Verdean economy is proving to be “resilient” in the face of external shocks. “But this is not a coincidence. There is a role that must be acknowledged, which is that of the proper management of public accounts, of the country’s external accounts and of the proper policies that have been implemented by the government,” affirms the central bank governor.

Source: A Semana

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