From explorers to investors

See how over the centuries – and in more recent times - Cape Verde has attracted adventurers, pleasure seekers and astute investors. You can also plot the development of Estrela Santiago as it becomes Cape Verde’s premier investment property opportunity.



  • 2012 Q2: Zone 7 Commercial Area construction completed
  • 2011 Q2: Zone 1, Zone 2 and Zone 5/9 construction completed
  • 2010 Q4: Zone 6 construction completed
  • 2010 Q3: Zone 7 Hotel construction completed, Zone 8 construction completed
  • 2010 Q1: Golf Course construction completed, Zone 4 construction completed
  • 2009 Q4: Primary Infrastructures construction completed
    Golf Course preconstruction completed
    Zone 3 construction completed
  • 2009 Q2: Zone 1 and Zone 2 construction contract awarded
    Zone 7 Commercial Area construction contract awarded
  • 2008 Q3: Zone 5/9, Zone 6 and Zone 8 construction contract awarded
    Zone 7 Hotel construction contract awarded
  • 2008 Q2:Primary Infrastructures construction contract awarded
    Golf Course construction contract awarded
    Zone 3 and Zone 4 construction contract awarded
  • 2006: Work starts on the first five-star resort on Santiago
  • 1996: For the first time Cape Verde sends a team to compete in the Olympic Games
  • 1975: The Republic of Cape Verde is proclaimed independent
  • 1911: The Portuguese Republic is established
  • 1832: Charles Darwin stops at Porto Praia, Cape Verde, on the outward-bound voyage of the HMS Beagle.
  • 1585 and 1586: Sir Francis Drake attacks the settlement known as Cidade Velha on Santiago
  • 1498: Christopher Columbus stops in Cape Verde for provisions on his third voyage to America
  • 1497: Vasco de Gama, the Portuguese navigator, stops in Cape Verde on a voyage of exploration which will take his ships around Africa and onto India
  • 1495: Cape Verde becomes a Portuguese Crown Colony
  • 1483: The first French ships reach Cape Verde
  • 1456: The Venetian, Alvise Cadamosto, claims to have sighted the islands

The development dates in this timeline should be used as a guide only.